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Meet Masuda

Yoga Teacher & Author

Masuda is a renowned yoga teacher, teacher trainer, author, and owner of Radiance Yoga studio in Alexandria, Virginia. With two decades of teaching experience, Masuda has helped students transform their lives and build physical and emotional strength and resilience. Leading classes, workshops, and retreats around the world on yoga, meditation, and the chakras, Masuda creates a warm and inviting space for students to expand their awareness, discover their power, and connect with their creative essence.

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Find Your True Nature Through Yoga & The Chakras.

"It sounds cliché, but Masuda's chakra workshop changed my life! I was able to understand more clearly where I had been stuck for years, and welcome the true self-acceptance necessary to realize a new vision for my life."

- Erin

“Throughout my study and practice with Masuda I learned to unlock, cleanse and activate my chakras which enabled me to ground myself, enjoy without guilt, hold my power with love, and open my heart to compassion. It also allowed me to speak my truth, see beyond my vision and connect with everyone and everything..”

- Elmira

“I most appreciated the fellowship cultivated during our workshop series.  Masuda’s guidance and honesty – it makes such a difference when your teacher sees you and lets you see her.  Workshops and classes with Masuda are pure magic.”

- Rebecca

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